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 SAAL&M History

The San Antonio Art League was organized in March 13, 1912. Representing several art groups, the founders sought to achieve a three-fold goal; to provide artists with a place to exhibit their works, to acquire paintings for the public's enjoyment, and to found an art school. In 1926, the Art League began what was to become a 45 year alliance with the Witte Museum, sharing space. A dream was realized in 1927 when the Museum of Art school was born.

During 1927, 1928, and 1929 the San Antonio Art League conducted the Texas Wildflowers Competitive Exhibitions. These competitions were made possible through the generosity of Edgar B. Davis. The Davis Competitions, as they became popularly known, proved to be among the most significant cultural events in Texas during those formative years of the twentieth century.

The Art League experienced encouraging progress until World War II. In early 1942, the school closed for "the duration". Mrs. Marion Koogler McNay, a wealthy arts patron, and graduate of the Chicago Art Institute, assessed the situation. Thanks to her generosity, the Art League continued classes in a spacious aviary on the McNay Estate. Then, circumstances forced another move, this time to the Belgian Pavilion at HemisFair Plaza. After a brief stay, the Art League moved again to the Koehler Cultural Center. The Otto Koehler's had given their mansion to San Antonio Community College, and Mrs. Koehler requested that they allow the San Antonio Art League to office there.

Needs grew, times changed, and the Art League once again needed a home. More security and proper temperature control were prime requisites. The ideal opportunity arose in the King William Historic District, one of San Antonio's most notably distinguished areas. Within this highly restricted And historical environment home is, at last, a permanent place.

The mission of the San Antonio Art League is to maintain an art museum in order to preserve and exhibit our collection of local and regional art, and to promote art by means of exhibitions, lectures, and other related activities. 


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 SAAL&M Future

The San Antonio Art League and Museum looks forward to attracting new artists and greater public awareness and participation. To help artists and the public bridge the gap to challenges of the new millennium, the museum is devoting its energies to finding new ways of familiarizing children, students, and adults with the diversified riches of the local cultural heritage.

With the aid of corporate and private sponsorship the museum should be able to realize the following goals within this century:

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2016 - 2017

Executive Committee:

President   Helen  Fey
Past President/Executive Director Clarence Fey
1st Vice-President Membership: Lyn Belisle
2nd Vice- President - Art Patron Sandee Thomas
3rd Vice President Artist of the Year 2016 Richard Conn
3rd Vice President Artist of the Year 2017 E. Gordon West
3rd Vice President Artist of the Year Mike Belisle
4th Vice - Presidents, Artist Exhibition Doris Walsh
5th Vice Presidents Hospitality Frankie Boone
Secretary: Dona LeCrone Waltson
Treasurer: David Johle
Acquisitions Gloria Hill


Patti Stephens


Suzanne Bolner


Maureen Tarazon
Docent Chairman Yvonne Kylstra
Education Miguel Cortinas
Education: Nancy Pawel
Education Eloise Stoker
Education Brian St. John
Gift Shop:  Michelle Moad Hageman 
Historian: Sonja Heldt-Harris
Installation Steven Smith
Mailing & Notification: Fred Plank
Parliamentarian: Dorothy Sims
Programs Stefani Spears
Public Relations Patsy Sasek
Sculpture Garden James Hendricks
Advisor Edith Collins
Advisor Richard Conn
Advisor Legal Jack Sims

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 Special Programs

Special Programs and events for SAAL&M Members (VIP visitors, field trips, lectures, workshops etc.) are organized by committee each year. Click here for more information.

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 Join SAAL&M


                                       SAAL&M cordially invites you to become a Member


Patron      Corporate/Business ($1,000.00 or More)
Patron      Individual ($500.00 or More)
Sustaining      Corporate/Business ($500.00 or More)
Sustaining      Individual ($250.00 or More)
Supporting      Corporate/Business ($250.00 or More)
Supporting      Individual ($100.00 or More)
Couple      ($50.00
Individual      ($35.00)
Student      ($15.00)



Annual Membership is from June 1st - May 31st

To become a member, please contact or click here to print an application to mail in.

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